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Cat =^^= // 21 // MA / NY area
I voice act and cosplay :3
I'm addicted to coffee and i like homestuck, neon genesis evangelion, snk, zelda, kingdom hearts, pokemon, doctor who, sherlock, manga, anime, other japanese shit and uh ya other stuff

 mofos online

i track the tag homestuckmofo
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CPAC WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! I met some of the nicest people ever omg and all the cosplays were so amazing <33 

some random person gave me peeps omg it was so nice of them

and i finally got to meet some people i had wanted to like evaunit08 <3

and then i got invited to a picnic!!! :D and they gave me free food <3 and we have some good laughs ^^

and stoneddamara gave me an aradia sticker :D 

vaporean gijinka - danielle

god tier john egbert - stoneddamara

john crocker - reversingrhymes

derse roxy - drunkroxy

derse jane - ouo-blargs

jake - lordbaka

empress meenah - queenpeixes

jade - fatuousfeline

if anyone knows any other URLS message me and ill edit the description ^^ 

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