tsumiki-mioda-deactivated201406Annoying habits?;

I bite my nails a lot ;A; i really hate it

And if I am SUPER comfortable around you, sometimes I just do like random verbal vomit, so one thing I’ve been doing lately is ill sing “I’d only been pretending” line from les mis. Or I’ll randomly say the 10 words I know in spanish. 

I laUGH at like everything really randomly and its really stupid and annoying :/ 

aLSO i am really loud and i get excited really easily so i just like escalate lol. I try to be quiet but ive been liek this since i was a kid ;A;

  1. saturninesonata said: you sound like someone i would be friends with
  2. elegantrenegade said: dude biting your nails is nothing. I bite/ scratch the skin around my nails when i’m nervous like seriously they look gross
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