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Cat =^^= // 21 // MA / NY area
I voice act and cosplay :3
I'm addicted to coffee and i like homestuck, neon genesis evangelion, snk, zelda, kingdom hearts, pokemon, doctor who, sherlock, manga, anime, other japanese shit and uh ya other stuff

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This is what my hair looks like nowwwww 

I’m super disappointed in the cotton candy pink manic panic >: ( 

Not as vibrant as I wanted and it didnt stick well to my hair at all. But my hair is sort of fried right now so I can’t do anything about it for ab it :/ 

:(((( I wanted to look cute on my first day of classes :((

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  2. splitseconddecision said: i think u look cute always u wu
  3. nobodiesnobody said: It’s K you’re still a cutie~ <3
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    idk man i dont know
  5. ofmustachesandtomatoes said: you are super kawaii what are you talking about
  6. thevaliantprouvaire said: Manic panic is never a good brand. But you look so cute anyways. <3 Cat is a huge cutie pie dandy!
  7. totalspiffage said: well you still look cute
  8. cassietotallyjust said: JELLIN’!!! YOU’RE SO FREAKING CUTE JFC