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Cat =^^= // 21 // MA / NY area
I voice act and cosplay :3
I'm addicted to coffee and i like homestuck, neon genesis evangelion, snk, zelda, kingdom hearts, pokemon, doctor who, sherlock, manga, anime, other japanese shit and uh ya other stuff

 mofos online

i track the tag homestuckmofo
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im sad

cause i have -12 followers

and hardly anyone talks to me ;A;


i-…i l-love you..

  1. aaarminarlert said: hi
  2. cassietotallyjust said: but you have like 6k
  3. dreatron said: CAT I LOVE YOU! COME HERE -HUGS-
  4. admiralantagonist said: nvbdlsgndsjlneajgnlawio shoosh. it’s okay. I’m here
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